Youshan Team

Each partner has over 20 years of investment and industry experience with proven track record, and work together as a professional team.

A professional team with richinternational and local experience

The partners of Youshan Capital have worked together as a professional team for multiple years. They have strong ability to identify enterprises of good potentials and are committed to helping our portfolio companies grow their businesses.

Each partner has over 20 years of experiences in investment with diverse backgrounds of finance, corporate, strategic consulting, etc. All of them come from top tier institutions including large central/state-owned enterprises, international investment banks and private equity funds, and have extensive financial and industry connections in China.



2011、2013 、2015、2016和2020年中国最佳私募股权投资人10强;2016和2022年中国领袖投资人TOP100;2022-2023年度影响力女性投资人;2023最佳海归投资人 TOP50;